Welcome to the Battlestar Artemis!

The venerable Battlestar Artemis has spent the last 20 years sitting in a ship graveyard. Having served with distinction during the First Cylon War, and for two decades after, she is quickly out-classed by the newer Battlestars available to the Fleet.

All of that is about to change. With the Fall of the Colonies of Man, a hastily assembled crew is forced to re-activate her, and take her on a wild chase for what may be the last hope of salvation for all of mankind.

Latest Mission Posts

» Signs and Portents

Mission: 3 - The Vessel
Posted on 02/16/2021 @ 1:58am by Colonel Celeste Porter & Lieutenant JG Katrana Harbeck

Porter stood on a small hillock, overlooking the makeshift basecamp that had become their home and operating station for the last three months. The initial setup had seemed like it would be relatively easy. Tylium was so rare within the Colonies, that most crews in the Fleet knew how to…

» The Tome

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Posted on 07/09/2020 @ 1:38am by Captain Hayden Kane & Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane & Alinder Hart

The Artemis and the Minos had been holding station for the better part of a week, mining as much Tilium as the three ships in the makeshift flotilla could hold. The crew had done their best, according to the reports, to refine it for use and to store in reserve.…

» Inspection

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Posted on 06/23/2020 @ 2:57am by Colonel Celeste Porter & Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Craine & Major Hamilton Stockwell & Captain Hayden Kane

"Sorry, Colonel. This bird has blown a gasket." Ham tried to make corrections as Raptor GT-219 slowly descended into the flight pod of the Battlestar Minos. "I'll make sure the folks here take a look before we head home." The small craft was fidgety and rocking slightly, but nothing that…

» Washing Away

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Posted on 06/10/2020 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane & Captain

Wary eyes glanced inside the dull gray metal interior of the showers. Finn heard voices in the distance, made hollow by walls and glass enclosures. The Sagittaron considered coming back later, but one thing urged him on: it was simple. He just wanted to be clean. He didn't want to…

» Moment of Solace

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Posted on 05/22/2020 @ 1:12am by Captain & Captain Hayden Kane & Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane

Things hadn't turned out as hectic as expected, but Jamie knew it remained a sensible decision to have ensured his sickbay was over, rather than under, prepared.

Only five casualties, two of which were serious but not life-threatening. One was critical but stable - a young deckhand, only 19 years-old.…